infants-1An ideal environment for infants is one that stimulates their senses without over-stimulating them. At ABC123 Early Learning Center our teachers provide a warm and secure home-away-from-home for infants to grow at their own pace. Our infant center welcomes infants ages 6 weeks-12 months. This setting is ideal for providing your infant with the calm, loving environment they deserve.

infants-2Babies are held during feedings, rocked to feel loved, and spend time on their tummies to discover the world around them. Tummy time is divided into periods that each individual infant will tolerate. At other times, infants have opportunities to roll, kick, reach for toys, and practice motions needed to crawl, stand, sit and walk. Music is also very important at this age, so we play soothing music for nap time along with familiar tunes that they learn to recognize at other times throughout their day.

We feel, that at this young age, the child should set his or her own schedule; therefore, we have flexible infant schedules.