Parent Info


The staff at ABC123 Early Learning Center is never too busy to discuss your child with you; in fact, we encourage and welcome your feedback. As experienced early childhood educators, we know that you are the ultimate expert when it comes to your child. Every morning at drop-off and every afternoon at pick-up you will be greeted by a familiar face who is informed about your child’s day. Open communication and a strong partnership between school and home give our children the very best chance of becoming happy, confident, and actively participating students, with a life-long love of learning.

Monthly Newsletters

Every month you will be provided with an overview of the themes and activities in your child’s classroom, as well as a Newsletter of center-wide activities, birthdays, and events. This helps to create a sense of community throughout ABC123 and an ease of transition from one classroom to another.

Child Development Checklists

Twice per year (December and June) you will receive a progress report in order to keep you informed of your child’s progress. The skills being observed are based on the PA Standards for Early Childhood and will assess how your child is doing in all areas of development. We will go through all accomplishments, what we are working on, and where we go from here! You are also able to request a parent-teacher conference at any time.